Entry No.6


Vi is a childhood friend that brings me happiness and gives me a lesson of friendship. Years ago, we were coincidently arranged into a class where we became friends since sharing the book love. It was the Harry Potter in which we shared the same hobby. Joyfully, we almost waited every week to buy every small episode and devoured it before our craving got cool. Gradually, it raised our passion and imagination, together with our friendship. Surprisingly, it also created our dreams of journey when we lived side-by-side under the same roof of high school. My dear Vi is a small and short girl, but her mind is full of discovery desire. She loves to discover interesting points in the story, movies, life and she also very cares of friends. Interestingly, her adventurousness simply affected me day by day as I was timid, hence I was growing up with joy in every single day. Her wish which I enjoyed the most, was going far to discover life in the other countries. When she flew, I saw-off my great peanut friend with a small gift which was a book which means that bringing our friendship an ideal. Obviously, after saying goodbye, she grew up so we couldn’t go on the same way. Vi made a turning-point, however, she taught me a lesson that our connection between us won’t break as long as we keep going on the life journey in passion as if our mind openly experienced in every interesting book.

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