Entry No.2 (4/8/2016)

(_ _”)


It’s difficult in deeply think about my important worry in your eyes. As looking at me, I save all my assets and money to give you. My salary is small, not enough to keep my chin up. Without a need to give me fashion, I make you sad. Please, believe in me as I try to do you the best. I love you indeed. You don’t need to be hurted, don’t need to worry for me, because of a fact that the more I do, I need days to laugh at me to parody my own me for health problem. At this dark time, I do care for my health, my staying to be free on writing. I don’t mean for what I wrote, I don’t know who to forgive. Open me a bit! I care to be free, so me. The problem is my passion for your style never down, but more and more everyday. I never forget that. Why every time I try, I be honest, you give me pain, the pain deeply in my heart. I don’t know why they call it love. I never forget to fulfill my responsibility. You can get bored of me, leave me alone but for love, I do care. I do shape me, truly.

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